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Our mission is to assist seekers in reflecting upon and deepening their spiritual lives through deep listening, presence and acc

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Spiritual Direction

Spirituality is concerned with our deepest identity and purpose in life and the way in which we interact with the world around us. The early Celts recognized the need for support on the spiritual path. Since ancient times, the term anam cara, meaning “soul friend” in Gaelic, has been used to describe that person who acts as a spiritual companion and guide.Finger Lakes Anam Cara understands spiritual direction as an opportunity to grow in wholeness and connection through the exploration of inner and outer experience with a trained spiritual director. Spiritual directors listen to what is shared, reflect back what is heard, and offer questions that support discernment. We invite the directee to perceive in new ways and support decisions and actions that arise from a genuine experience of sacred presence.People of many backgrounds, with or without connection to religious communities, seek spiritual direction for a variety of reasons. Some are at a crossroads and in need of discernment. Others have experienced loss and want help understanding the spiritual resources available to them during times of tumult. Many simply feel called to be more intentional about their spiritual journey.Folks entering direction will find it most fruitful alongside a regular spiritual practice. Not only traditional practices like meditation and prayer, but painting, dance, service or walking in the woods can nurture and sustain our spirits if practiced with intention. If you don’t have a spiritual practice, that can be a great place to start our conversation - what practice calls to you; what practice helps you come alive?
In-person meetings are usually an hour in length and take place once a month. A sliding scale fee of $30-$80 per session is suggested, taking into consideration individual needs and circumstances. Finger Lakes Anam Cara directors have been trained in spiritual direction, meet monthly for supervision and consultation, and work with their own spiritual directors.

Group Spiritual Direction

Finger Lakes Anam Cara periodically offers opportunities for Group Spiritual Direction. Characterized by personal sharing, deep listening and reflective questioning, these groups are typically limited to five participants who commit to meet monthly for one two-hour session, for a period of six months.Group Spiritual Direction is unique in that it emphasizes qualities that are often not practiced in other kinds of groups:

• Non-judgmental receptivity and openness to the sacred, to our authentic selves, and to others.
• Spaciousness made possible by slowing down and silence.
• Mutuality that sees the collective group, rather than one individual, as the director.
• A spirit of reverence and deep listening in all interactions.
• Compassion expressed through the honoring and supporting of one another.

The suggested fee is $180 total for all six sessions. Accommodations based on individual need may be made.If you are interested in more information about Group Spiritual Direction, please contact us.

what we do

Based in the Finger Lakes, but serving seekers near and far, we collaborate to provide direction, to increase awareness of spiritual direction, and to create a web of accountability for participating directors.

our mission

To assist seekers in reflecting upon and deepening their spiritual lives through listening, presence, and accompaniment.

our commitment

All people need space and support in their unfolding relationship with the sacred. We are committed to offering support for the spiritual journey.

our offerings

• Individual and group direction
• In person, by phone, or online
• Peer group supervision
• Other opportunities for spiritual practice, exploration and reflection

who we are

Our mission is to assist seekers in reflecting upon and deepening their spiritual lives through deep listening, presence and acc

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen, MDiv, MSW, received her training in spiritual direction at the Guild for Spiritual Guidance in Rye, NY and the Spiritual Renewal Center in Syracuse, NY.She attended Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, was ordained as an American Baptist minister, has provided pastoral care in a Methodist church, and is currently a per diem hospital chaplain.Debbie has extensive experience serving older adults and people of all ages facing transitions in their lives. Her background includes certification as an Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition and the study of energy work. Spiritually, she has been shaped and inspired by the mystics, the Sufi tradition, and Celtic spirituality, especially the practice of pilgrimage as a way of life and the discovery of the sacred in all of creation.Spiritual direction was Debbie’s first calling and one to which she brings presence and the conviction that we are deeply connected and supported in our longing for wholeness.

Our mission is to assist seekers in reflecting upon and deepening their spiritual lives through deep listening, presence and acc

Darcey Laine

Rev. Darcey Laine, MDiv, completed the Spiritual Directors’ Training Program sponsored by the Linwood Spiritual Center and the Mariandale Center.Darcey attended the Starr King School for the Ministry and was fellowshipped and ordained in the Unitarian Universalist Ministry in 1998. She served as Minister of Religious Education for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto for seven years. In 2008 she was called to serve as Minister of the UU Church of Athens and Sheshequin and has served as their settled minister ever since. Darcey’s background includes training in Group Spiritual Direction, Contemplative formation, and Group Projective Dreamwork. She is certified as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. Darcey believes deeply in the inner wisdom of each person and our capacity to listen for the movements and calling of spirit in our own lives.

Our mission is to assist seekers in reflecting upon and deepening their spiritual lives through deep listening, presence and acc

Edie Reagan

Edie Reagan, MDiv, LMSW, completed both the Basic and Advanced Training Programs in Spiritual Direction offered by the Spiritual Renewal Center in Syracuse, NY. She started receiving spiritual direction as a 17-year-old seeking answers to some of life’s great questions. Over the years, having experienced firsthand the value of meeting regularly with a “soul friend”, she felt a growing desire to offer this service to others.
Edie has served as a Hospice Chaplain since 2009 and has extensive experience supporting those dealing with end of life concerns. She has offered pastoral support to college students, as a Chaplain at Cornell University, and to mature adults, at a residential community for seniors.
Edie has a special interest in women’s spirituality and the creative use of ritual. She holds a Masters of Divinity degree from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology, and has been a Licensed Master Social Worker in NYS since 1993.

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